Managed IT Services Atlanta

Managed IT Services Atlanta

Professional Managed IT Services Atlanta at a reasonable price, plus 24/7 support for your business!

Providing complete IT solutions to Atlanta small and medium sized companies is what we do best. We offer our clients a variety of customized budget friendly options for keeping their technology current, while lowering their costs and minimizing downtime.

Support We Offer:

  • Server & Desktop SupportManaged IT Services Atlanta
  • Network Monitoring
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Emergency Network Support
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Computing Options
  • VoIP Setup & Installation
  • 24/7 Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Hardware & Software Support

Here are your main benefits:

Eliminate expensive repairs, recovery costs and huge network support bills. The 24/7 proactive maintenance approach that Managed Services IT Atlanta has helps prevent expensive network outages before they happen.

Much quicker support and performance, with virtually zero downtime. All the benefits of having an in-house IT department for a fraction of the price.

Vastly improved productivity with our remote network support. This service enables us to resolve over 80% of end-user service requests via remote access. And it also lets you take advantage of maintenance and monitoring of your computers, servers, firewalls, routers, virus protection and entire network, fixing potential network issues early on, before they can cause problems. Rely on Managed IT Services Atlanta to bring the best tech solutions to you!

Managed IT Services Atlanta: the Benefits for Your Business

What is Managed IT Services Atlanta?

Managed IT Services is a model of network support technology outsourcing. Outsourcing has been popular for many years in Atlanta. Working with IT professionals allows a company to concentrate on its own unique business mission without having to be on the cutting edge of computer technology or worry about network security. It is important to note that outsourcing is not necessarily offshoring, a practice where jobs are filled by workers overseas. A recent study by UC Berkeley and MIT has found that nearly a majority of employers in the US outsource work to contractors and suppliers within the country, and about a quarter of US companies offshore work to other countries. US employers’ domestic outsourcing is concentrated in transportation, information technology and facilities maintenance.

Vivek Wadhwa, vice president of academics and innovation at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, stated in an article he wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek that he was surprised to find “one of the fastest-growing destinations for outsourced jobs is none other than the U.S.” Wadhwa also stated that, “Contractors offer a wide variety of skills, ranging from data entry to sophisticated computer programming. Customers vary from small businesses and sole proprietors seeking project help to large businesses that don’t have internal skills for a certain type of job.”

In a fully outsourced managed IT services Atlanta model, the vendor has complete responsibility of deliverables to meet the service need. This allows vendors complete decision making authority in carrying out their responsibilities to meet the agreed upon outcome and deadline. The budget for a project is calculated on a per-personnel basis and is fixed for a certain time span. Sometimes, it is also fixed for the entire project, making it a ‘fixed priced’ managed IT services Atlanta. The success of the model depends upon the vendor’s understanding of the client’s exact requirement. Managed IT Services Atlanta are adopted when the scope of a project is clearly charted out. The client acts as a reviewer and is also responsible for budget tracking and contract management. There is a comprehensive service level agreement for each desired deliverable as per the contract. Breaching the contract in any way may amount to a penalty. (Frank Johnson has an informative series on Managed Services at ComputerUser.

Network Support Benefits

What are the reasons for Atlanta outsourcing IT services? Will it benefit your business?

Savings – One of the top reasons for outsourcing IT support is cost savings. Outsourcing helps control capital outlay. Having your IT needs taken care of by an outside company that specializes in business networks and support alleviates some of the expense of having an in-house IT network department. It was reported by ZDNet in 2011 that a survey of 400 companies, conducted by CompTIA, showed that 46% of these businesses cut their technology budget by 25%, or more, by moving to managed support for all or some of their IT needs. Almost 13% reported that they had cut their IT budget by 50%.

Expertise and experience – IT service providers gain knowledge and experience working with many businesses. They are able to bring their expertise in the field to your company, with skills and experience your employees haven’t been exposed to. IT vendors have picked up time-saving and cost-saving practices that they can apply to your business.

Efficiency – Because the IT service providers are not employees, they are not thinking about other tasks or work that needs to get done in other departments. They can solely concentrate on the support task before them.

Focus on What You Do Best – Having a trusted network support service provider taking care of your IT needs frees you and other employees to concentrate on the core operations of the company and what makes you stand out among the competition. Managers no longer have to split their time between company goals and objectives and servicing the computer network. Managed IT services Atlanta can free your in-house IT specialists to concentrate on strategic planning and growth, since maintenance of the networks is taken care of by others. In the survey of 400 businesses, conducted by CompTIA, more than half indicated one of the main reasons they turned to managed IT Services Atlanta for security, web hosting, network management or help desk support was to free up their internal IT staff for more strategic projects.

Top-Notch IT Resources — This applies especially to small businesses or start-ups. Even if you don’t have the budget to set up your own IT department or hire experts, you can have the benefit of IT professionals making sure your computer systems run smoothly. The growth of mobile computing and the increase in spyware has made desktop security a major challenge for small to medium sized businesses in the last decade. To make up for scarce resources, they have turned to managed IT Services Atlanta.


What risks are involved in using managed support? Here are some things you can do to minimize risk:

Security – The Managed IT Services Atlanta company should have robust security policies in place to protect your data and your system from being corrupted. Before you sign with anyone, find out how they handle information security.

Transition – If you are moving from having your own IT department to complete or partial outsourcing, the transition needs to be handled with care so that morale of current employees is not negatively affected. As part of your Managed IT Services Atlanta model, consider dividing the transition process into small phrases, giving your company time to adjust. Transition current IT employees to taking on some of their new responsibilities, so that they have challenges to concentrate on.

Communication – An in-house network administrator becomes very familiar with the characteristics of the network he manages on a daily basis. Will an outside IT expert know the quirks of your particular system? To insure efficient and quick response for the Managed IT Services Atlanta provider, communication between the IT provider and your company needs to be open and regular. Have a plan in place for communication that keeps both parties informed.

The best way to minimize risks is to have a well-thought out plan in place ahead of time; one that allows the Atlanta IT professional freedom to manage the project and apply his expertise and allows the company receiving the support to review the project and keep track of budget. The goal of the project or service need should be stated with a clear timeline and budget. Communication needs to be open and constant.

Outsourcing is here to stay as a US business practice. Clair Brown, director of the Center for Work, Technology and Society at UC Berkeley, has stated, “We do expect offshoring and domestic outsourcing to expand as the economy continues to grow. The recovery allows companies to restructure and expand through more offshoring and outsourcing, instead of just rehiring and returning to old practices.”

Managed IT Services Atlanta has worked for other businesses to cut costs and give them a competitive edge regarding technology. Your business may also reap benefits from technology outsourcing.